Jasmina Sandor M.A. | Psychologist

Jasmina Sandor M.A.

Jasmina Sandor M.A.

Jasmina Sandor | Psychologist at Tokyo Mental Health

Jasmina Sandor is a psychologist with a master’s degree in psychology. After graduating from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia in 2010, and received her psychology license from the Psychology Chamber and school counselor license from the Croatian Ministry of science and education, Jasmina worked as a psychologist and school counselor putting focus primarily on children but also their parents and teachers. She has extensive experience in assessing and treating adolescents for different psychological conditions including learning difficulties, anxiety disorders, ADHD as well as intellectual disability and giftedness, while communication is her field of expertise.She received training for mediation as a way of solving problems of two or more parties where a mediator can facilitate useful discussions and the settlement. Over the years, Jasmina participated in several scientific studies and projects related to various education topics. She is also experienced in occupational health psychology.In 2018, she got a scholarship from the Japanese government to continue her professional development in Japan.Jasmina specializes in individual and group psychology testing for both children and adults.She provides psychological interviews and testing in English or Croatian.

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