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Services We Offer

Tokyo Mental Health focuses on helping English-speakers with their mental health.

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All of our services focus on helping
English-speakers with their mental health.

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Currently, due to the high volume of enquiries, we may need to add you on our waiting list.
In addition, we are currently not accepting any enquiries for clients under the age of 8. Thank you for your understanding.

Counseling & Psychotherapy

TMH offers both face-to-face and online counseling and psychotherapy with international, multilingual counselors, psychologists and therapists. We aim to make high quality counselling and psychotherapy treatment available for the foreign community and returnees for whom accessing an English counselor can be difficult. We provide services for individuals, couples and families, adults, adolescents, and children. READ MORE

Note: Services in Chinese are currently not available.


TMH offers a psychological testing / evaluation service for both children and adults. We offer a full range of psychometric test-based assessments for both clinical and psychoeducational purposes, including testing for learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, and for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD. READ MORE

Psychiatry Clinic

At American Clinic Tokyo

Our director, Dr Andrew Kissane, holds a psychiatry clinic at American Clinic Tokyo, providing psychiatric treatment focused around psychopharmacology for patients with depression, anxiety disorders, and other common mental health problems. READ MORE

Our Service Packages

Tokyo Mental Health offers the following service packages for specific client groups.

Employee Assistance Program

A comprehensive multilingual Employee Assistance Program package that includes concierge mental health services, counseling and consultation, crisis response management for mental health issues, and the option of integrated psychiatric services with Dr Andrew Kissane, psychiatrist, who holds his psychiatry clinic at American Clinic Tokyo. READ MORE

Child, Adolescent & Family Services

Not sure what's best for your child? We've got you covered.
We are happy to provide comprehensive counseling, psychotherapy and psychology services for children and families. Our growing team of counselors and psychologists can work with parents and children to address concerns around mental health, behaviour and childhood development. We aim to provide you with guidance on how to support your child. READ MORE

Services for International Schools

We are able to coordinate collaboration with schools and their learning support services to help support students emotional, social and developmental needs. Our psychologists can provide evaluations and targetted psychological intervention for common conditions such as ADHD and ASDs, and our counselors can provide counseling services to support students dealing with problems with mood or anxiety. READ MORE

TRICARE Services

We are proud to be able to provide services for US service personnel through TRICARE. As an approved provider with TRICARE, we can offer direct billing for TRICARE Prime holders. This means that once referred by your base medical treatment facility (MTF), we can offer treatment and support for you and your family, without you having to cover the cost of treatment or having to submit claims for services retrospectively. If you are a TRICARE Select/Plus holder, then you can claim retrospectively for the out-of-pocket cost of services received from us. READ MORE

Our Service Locations

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Tokyo Mental Health Shintomi Therapy Office
American Clinic Tokyo


TMH Okinawa Mihama Therapy Office


Online or telephone services available

 Looking for more information about mental health?

Visit our “Resources” tab in the menu above to learn about everything from depression and ADHD to other mental health issues, or read our blog below written by our team of mental health professionals and interns.

You can also visit our Facebook page to check out our latest information about mental health.

In addition, we are running a blog that is specialized in mental health. Please check our recent blog posts below.

Recent Blog Posts

COVID-19 Update for Counseling & Psychology Services

(updated 8 April, 2020)

We at Tokyo Mental Health are concerned about both the potential impact of COVID-19 and the policies aimed at controlling it on mental health, and are dedicated to providing professional support during this period of uncertainty. Tokyo Mental Health will endeavour to continue to meet your mental health needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information for everyone:

If you feel that you would like to receive additional support for your mental health during this time, you can find accurate and useful information about the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health on our website. You can also read our latest blog about the potential negative effects of social distancing on mental health and ways to reduce these effects. Additionally, you can book an appointment with one of our licensed and experienced counselors. We offer both video-counseling appointments for those who wish to seek therapy from the comfort of their home, and appointments at our therapy office face to face where needed.

Information for schools:

Our experienced counselors can offer therapy on-site or online for children and adolescents who may be struggling to get help for their mental health, now that schools are closed. Our psychologists are also still open to carry out psychological evaluations for school-aged children and adolescents despite changes in the learning environment. We can provide an accurate assessment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and OCD, and neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, learning disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Some assessments may be provided via online platforms with medical support where needed by Dr Andrew Kissane at American Clinic Tokyo.

Information for businesses:

The stressful impact of COVID-19 on workers is inevitable. Tokyo Mental Health’s Employee Assistance Program, led by a team of experienced mental health professionals, delivers top-quality concierge mental health services to help promote a healthy workforce during these difficult times, whether people are working from the office or home, or work is suspended.

We provide both on-site and online services.

English Speaking Psychologists and Counselors
UK-Licensed English Psychiatrist in Tokyo
Services Offered in Tokyo, Okinawa, and Online
Specialist Services for Children and Adults