Monthly Archives: September 2015

Psychedelics and mental illness

Johansen and Krebs published a new study in March`s issue of the Journal of Psychopharmacology (available here) that adds to the growing interest in psychedelic drugs in the research community. Their study lends weight to the position that use of these drugs are not associated with an increase in risk of mental illness. In fact, […]

Using EEGs in diagnosis of ADHD

An article published in April in Brain and Behaviour by Snyder et al used EEGs successfully to reduce errors in diagnosis of childhood ADHD. The paper illustrates the broad range of diagnoses that could potentially explain ADHD-like symptoms and for me underlines the importance of thorough assessment before a definitive diagnosis is made.

Tokyo Mental Health Blog

Welcome to the new website and blog for Tokyo Mental Health. I plan to blog here on a variety of topics that I hope might be of interest to the casual reader, as outlined below: Short posts drawing the reader`s attention to the latest research evidence in psychiatry, psychology, psychopharmacology and psychotherapy Brief outlines of […]