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Demystifying Family Boundaries this Holiday Season

Skylar Hom The winter holiday is one of the most anticipated times of the year, and with good reason. It is a time when we get to relax and enjoy the holiday festivities. Most significantly, it is also a time where families tend to reconnect with one another. While meeting with family is usually a […]

Holiday Hours: Tokyo Mental Health, and American Clinic Tokyo

Please note that Tokyo Mental Health is closed on Christmas day, but otherwise open normal hours throughout the holiday season, including New Years Day! Our Partner, American Clinic Tokyo is closed from December 28th to January 5th for the New Year Holiday, so Dr. Andrew Kissane will be holding psychiatry clinics again at American Clinic […]

Building ourselves.

Here’s a nice quote from the famous American inspirational proverb writer, William Arthur Ward, to remind us that it is up to us to determine how we let challenging situations influence our lives: We can choose to take on difficult situations as a challenge to overcome and add to our experience to help us build […]

Self Care

Whilst it is easy to rush over to care for others around you, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Self care can relieve the stress on the mind, body and soul. Check out some useful advice by Tiny Bhudda on how to practise self care. Here is a nice metaphor by Sanober Khan: From […]

Changing Bad Habits

Angelica Gomez Bad Habits: they’re easy to make but hard to break. You might be wondering, “what is a ‘bad’ habit?” Some common examples that come to mind when people are asked this question are: ProcrastinatingSwearingBiting fingernailsAlcohol consumptionDaily coffee drinkingOverspendingSmokingEating too much fast foodCracking knucklesUsing devices late at night If you find yourself doing some, […]


Whenever we may be facing difficulties, it can be tempting to turn away instead of challenging them head on. Here’s a quote by Abraham Maslow, a world-renowned psychologist, to remind us to take challenging situations as an opportunity for growth: From Tokyo Mental Health

Upcoming research at Tokyo Mental Health

Tokyo Mental Health would like to welcome Haruko Hoshino, a graduate student at St. Luke’s International University. Haruko will be requesting participants for her study on depression in expatriate populations in Japan. Read on to learn more about Haruko and her research. Here’s a little introduction from Haruko herself! “I’m Haruko Hoshino, a Graduate student […]