Monthly Archives: May 2020

COVID-19 Support Group: Mindfulness

In May 2020, Tokyo Mental Health hosted its first COVID-19 support group led by our director of psychological services. Watch the COVID-19 Support Group: Mindfulness video to find out how mindfulness can help you maintain your mental health! You can also find out more about mental health during the coronavirus pandemic on our resource page. […]

Self-Care During Quarantine

Author: Skylar Hom During such unprecedented times, it can be challenging to become accustomed to new routines. Many may find the need to stay at home to be rigorous, draining, and unfamiliar. Tokyo Mental Health would like to share some advice on self-care during quarantine. Keep a stable routine Most notably, the need to stay […]

Online Therapy Services

Author: Bronwen Dawson Preventative measures of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), such as quarantine and social distancing, can make accessing reliable mental health services difficult and frustrating. You may have come across the following questions during the pandemic: “I’m in quarantine. How can I see a therapist without leaving my house?” “I’m practicing social distancing. How […]

How can one benefit from a neuropsychological assessment?

Author: Yu Yamamoto, MSc Neuropsychological assessment may sound intimidating but in reality, it is designed to help you address your unique concerns. In many ways, neuropsychological assessments are analogous to medical check-ups and tests. For example, if you are experiencing physical symptoms of unknown cause, you would probably seek help from your primary care provider […]

The 3rd Edition of the Tokyo Mental Health Newsletter!

The third edition of the Tokyo Mental Health Newsletter is here! Check it out for information about the services we are offering during the COVID-19 pandemic, including: Where to find reputable information about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health on our website How to access counseling services for individuals during the pandemic […]