Monthly Archives: August 2020

Mental health stigma

Author: Bronwen Dawson, MSc What is mental health stigma? Stigma is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “negative feelings that people have about particular circumstances or characteristics that somebody may have”. Mental health stigma, according to this definition, is negative feelings, opinions, or judgement about mental illness and disorders – and we could agree that […]

Porn Addiction

Author: Ryota Sakurai, MS, AMFT What is porn addiction? Porn addiction, otherwise known as the problematic use of online pornography, is on the rise. Problematic pornography use is considered a behavioral addiction. Individuals with behavioral addictions present the following: The vast majority of studies conducted to investigate the problematic use of online pornography have found […]

Client Feedback Survey at Tokyo Mental Health

Is Tokyo Mental Health any good? What is Tokyo Mental Health doing to be better? Tokyo Mental Health has been developing different approaches, including our latest client feedback survey, to maintain and improve the quality of our service as we believe it is important to provide a high standard of care to our clients.  Such […]