Can you help with our research aimed at validating two new scales to measure mood and anxiety symptoms?The goal is to involve as broad an age range (from 18 upwards) as possible, equal representation of males and females, and people from different cultural and educational backgrounds.The title of the study is: Pilot observational study to validate an online system to optimize treatments for mood and anxiety disorders, and monitor naturalistic outcomes (OptiMA1-NZ). Ethical approval has been granted from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Parallel OptiMA1 studies are also running in Japan and India to validate the Japanese and Hindi language versions of the questionnaire. If you also speak Japanese or Hindi, you will be invited to complete the two new questionnaires in those languages as well.The R8 questionnaires are part of our online system called Psynary, developed to help improve outcomes in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. Psynary was created by Dr. Andrew Kissane and Dr. Richard Tranter, both of whom are researchers involved in the OptiMA1 studies.To take the questionnaire, click here.Thank you for your participation and support!