Simple Steps to Manage Stress

Author: Skylar Hom What is stress? Stress is a condition of emotional strain. This can be an everyday occurrence and can happen due to a variety of factors. Stress can present itself in multiple ways with unique effects on us, and is something that we all experience differently. Understanding how stress personally affects you, as […]

Our New Office: TMH Okinawa Mihama Therapy Office

TMH Okinawa Now Open! TMH Okinawa Mihama Therapy Office in Chatan, Okinawa Click to Learn More We are excited to announce the opening of a new location for our therapy services: the TMH Okinawa Mihama Therapy Office! This office is located in Chatan, Okinawa, where it is next to the American Village in addition to […]

Tokyo Mental Health Welcomes Shok Hong “Holiday” Ooi

We are delighted to welcome our new psychologist, Shok Hong “Holiday” Ooi to Tokyo Mental Health’s growing team of service providers! Holiday has a master’s degree in Psychology from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Before coming to Japan, she worked as a lecturer and researcher at university in Malaysia, lecturing in psychology. Her research focused on interpersonal […]

Mental health stigma

Author: Bronwen Dawson, MSc What is mental health stigma? Stigma is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “negative feelings that people have about particular circumstances or characteristics that somebody may have”. Mental health stigma, according to this definition, is negative feelings, opinions, or judgement about mental illness and disorders – and we could agree that […]

Porn Addiction

Author: Ryota Sakurai, MS, AMFT What is porn addiction? Porn addiction, otherwise known as the problematic use of online pornography, is on the rise. Problematic pornography use is considered a behavioral addiction. Individuals with behavioral addictions present the following: The vast majority of studies conducted to investigate the problematic use of online pornography have found […]

Client Feedback Survey at Tokyo Mental Health

Is Tokyo Mental Health any good? What is Tokyo Mental Health doing to be better? Tokyo Mental Health has been developing different approaches, including our latest client feedback survey, to maintain and improve the quality of our service as we believe it is important to provide a high standard of care to our clients.  Such […]

Calorie Restriction

Author: Mari Sone, BA (DISCLAIMER: This blog article does not endorse disordered eating behaviors. If you suspect that you or your loved one may be suffering from an eating disorder, please contact us at [email protected]) “If you eat less, you feel happier.” How odd does that sound?  A lot of people expect the restriction of […]

How do we assess a child for ADHD?

Author: Bronwen Dawson, MSc Many children may get easily distracted during homework, forget their pencil case at school, or have trouble listening to their teacher in the classroom. However, high levels of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity can be a sign of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): a neurodevelopmental condition commonly found in children. What are […]

Breaking Bad Habits

Check out an article by India Internatial School Japan (IISJ) to read about what our counselor JouAn ‘Anne’ Chen MA has to say about breaking bad habits! You can also read more about changing habits on our previous blog post. IISJs article on breaking bad habits – State of Emergency: Time to Break Bad Habits? […]

COVID-19 Support Group: Finding Balance

Tokyo Mental Health’s fourth and final COVID-19 support group was held by JouAn “Anne” Chen MA, on May 24th 2020. Anne discussed how you can maintain mental health during the pandemic by finding balance. Watch the video below to learn techniques on how to maintain balance and achieve a positive mental health! Please don’t hesitate […]