Candace Coleman MD MPH

TMH Counselor, Candace Coleman

Candace Coleman, MD MPH


Tokyo and Online

Counseling and Psychotherapy at Shintomi Office

Dr. Coleman completed her BA and MD at Brown University and her MPH at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Her thesis focused on movement therapy in the treatment of trauma.  During her residency at Northwestern in Chicago, she saw patients for therapy as part of her training and also worked with men in a post-incarceration rehabilitation center offering psychoeducation and mindfulness therapy.  Her specialties include complex trauma, PTSD, TBI, depression and anxiety.  In her clinical work she has treated patients with multiple conditions including bipolar, OCD, mood disorders, eating disorders, and personality disorders.  Modalities utilized include CBT, DBT and mindfulness, and supportive psychotherapy.  She employed art and movement therapy as director of a program in Chile for children with trauma and also working with women in jail in Chicago.  Her goal is to create a safe and healing space where she can collaborate with patients to understand and transform distressing thoughts, behaviors and emotions in order to integrate experiences and thrive with purpose.

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