Counseling and Psychotherapy

TMH’s own Denisse Moreno at JLSN 2019 Conference!

Tokyo Mental Health’s own Denisse Moreno is presenting today at the JLSN 2019 Conference! Her presentation is called “How to Apply Cognitive Behavioral Techniques in the Classroom” and will focus on the way that specific techniques based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, can be applied in the classroom.

The Importance of Boundaries

Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries is important to understanding our experiences, our limits, and our interactions with other people; all of which have major influences on our mental health. What do healthy boundaries look like for you? How do you maintain them?For assistance with exploring and strengthening your boundaries, contact us and set up a session […]

Treatment Outcomes for mood disorders: American Clinic Tokyo

We are pleased to announce the publication of the most recent outcomes for mood disorders at American Clinic Tokyo at the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress in Birmingham, the U.K., on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. It was discovered that 76% of people who came with depression achieved full remission from their symptoms. “Re-Audit of […]

Collaboration with American Clinic Tokyo

I am pleased to announce that Tokyo Mental Health is now collaborating with American Clinic Tokyo to offer counseling and psychotherapy to the foreign community and bilingual Japanese people in Tokyo and the surrounding area. If you wish to see a UK-licensed psychiatrist for counseling or psychotherapy in Tokyo, please contact either Tokyo Mental Health […]

What talking therapy for me?

There are many types of so-called talking therapy and with each practitioner claiming that `their` particular brand of talking therapy is the most effective, it can be quite difficult to work out which type of counseling or psychotherapy is the right one for you. In an age when health providers aspire to provide provide personalized […]