New Research Questionnaires

Can you help with our research aimed at validating two new scales to measure mood and anxiety symptoms? The goal is to involve as broad an age range (from 18 upwards) as possible, equal representation of males and females, and people from different cultural and educational backgrounds. The title of the study is: Pilot observational […]

Alcohol use and health

The UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence issued a statement on alcohol use in response to the Department of Health new proposed guidance on alcohol use. Both make interesting reading. The bottom line as already widely publicized, is that men should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week, and pregnant women should […]

Under-recognition of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

A study published online and available here in October by Roberge et al showed quite clearly that the diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is often missed by clinicians, but that when identified or when co-morbid with depression, doctors often treat the condition appropriately. Both psychological treatments such as cognitive therapy and other psychotherapies and […]

Mindfulness, anxiety, depression and cancer

This study by Zhang et al was flagged up by Medscape. This was an interesting meta-analysis as though the abstract reads as positive in some ways, actually the most important measures showed little effect. This study seems to suggest that not all types of mindfulness are effective for long-term symptom remission.

Anxiety, depression and the workplace

Prins et al had a paper in Sociology of Health and Illness (available here exploring the relationship between what they call `contradictory class location` and mental health – mainly anxiety and depressive disorders. The data for the research was taken from a national survey. Fundamentally, what they show is that, depending on how you measure […]