Bipolar disorder

Antidepressants and mania

Interesting paper from Patel et al and the Maudsley that highlights the risks of antidepressant pharmacotherapy with traditional antidepressants for those patients presenting with unipolar depression but who would seem to actually have a diathesis for bipolar disorder. The analysis of cohort data found that the use of traditional antidepressant medication increased the risk of […]

Meds for Bipolar Depression

The CEQUEL study just published by Geddes et al from Oxford is a significant contribution to our understanding of how to best treat patients with bipolar depression.

Lithium maintenance treatment and kidney function

An important paper in the Lancet this month by Clos et al (available here) presents cohort data that shows that kidney function does not seem to be adversely affected by treatment with lithium. This is more important than it sounds as lithium remains the gold standard for maintenance treatment of bipolar affective disorder, a condition […]