TV viewing, physical activity and cognitive function

Interesting paper in JAMA Psychiatry by Huang et al (available here) publishing results from cohort data analysis showing an association between high TV viewing and low physical activity in early adulthood, and poorer cognitive function (limited to certain domains) in middle age. Makes interesting reading. Here are their conclusions: High television viewing and low physical […]

Meditation helps working memory?

There has been a lot of interest in mindfulness-based interventions for psychiatric conditions. What has received rather less coverage is the effects of meditation on working memory. A new study by Quach et al available here suggests mediation may have a significant impact on working memory in adolescents.

Fake memories

Here is a fascinating paper by Shaw et al that really highlights how inaccurate episodic memory can be, and, maybe more worryingly, how easy it can be to create false memories in healthy subjects. This must have significant implications for how the past is explored in counseling and psychotherapy.