Psychological testing

Psychological testing

We are delighted to announce that, beginning in May, Tokyo Mental Health will be able to provide psychological testing for our English and Spanish speaking clients. So what are Psychological Tests? And, what are they for? A psychological test is an instrument used to measure a specific psychological aspect or characteristic of a client. This […]

New Psychotherapist Starts at Tokyo Mental Health

I’m excited to announce that with the new year, I’ll be joined by an American psychotherapist, Mandie Maurer, who is coming to Tokyo from the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry. Mandie was trained in the University of Michigan Ambulatory Psychiatry Department and has conducted individual and group psychotherapy with individuals dealing with a range […]

New Research Questionnaires

Can you help with our research aimed at validating two new scales to measure mood and anxiety symptoms? The goal is to involve as broad an age range (from 18 upwards) as possible, equal representation of males and females, and people from different cultural and educational backgrounds. The title of the study is: Pilot observational […]

Uk-Trained English Tokyo Psychiatrist receives Japanese Medical License

Tokyo Mental Health is pleased to announce that Dr Andrew Kissane, our English psychiatrist, has received a Japanese Medical License to practice medicine and psychiatry in Japan. Dr Kissane provides English psychiatric services at Tokyo Psychiatry Clinic hosted by American Clinic Tokyo. The Tokyo Psychiatry Clinic can provide the full range of psychiatric services in […]

Open over New Year!

Tokyo Mental Health is open for clients over the New Year week end. if you would like a consultation for counseling and psychotherapy, please contact us on [email protected] Happy New Year!

Collaboration with American Clinic Tokyo

I am pleased to announce that Tokyo Mental Health is now collaborating with American Clinic Tokyo to offer counseling and psychotherapy to the foreign community and bilingual Japanese people in Tokyo and the surrounding area. If you wish to see a UK-licensed psychiatrist for counseling or psychotherapy in Tokyo, please contact either Tokyo Mental Health […]

End-of-Life care preferences in Japan

An interesting paper was published in Health Policy this week that examines preferences around End-of-Life care among the Japanese public. It would not be the sort of article I would usually flag for readers, except for the author is yours truly. I hope readers will forgive the narcissism of me providing a link to my […]

Conference for counselors and psychotherapists on mindfulness

IMHPJ (of which I am currently the board secretary) is busy planning it`s 20th Annual Conference at Shunkoin Temple, Kyoto. This year the conference, focused on meeting training needs for counselors and psychotherapists, will provide training in mindfulness for delegates. The conference will be at Shunkoin Temple in Kyoto, on the weekend of March 4th, […]

New type of Psychotherapy now available at Tokyo Mental Health

Tokyo Mental Health will soon be offering Cognitive Analytic Therapy, a 3-month program of psychotherapy following on from assessment, as a further treatment option for clients who are interested in this very practical, goal-focused psychotherapy. Cognitive Analytic Therapy draws on  cognitive theory and techniques, psychodynamic theory such as as object-relations, and attachment theory. Please get in touch […]

Tokyo Mental Health Blog

Welcome to the new website and blog for Tokyo Mental Health. I plan to blog here on a variety of topics that I hope might be of interest to the casual reader, as outlined below: Short posts drawing the reader`s attention to the latest research evidence in psychiatry, psychology, psychopharmacology and psychotherapy Brief outlines of […]