Tokyo Mental Health is pleased to announce that Dr Andrew Kissane, our English psychiatrist, has received a Japanese Medical License to practice medicine and psychiatry in Japan. Dr Kissane provides English psychiatric services at Tokyo Psychiatry Clinic hosted by American Clinic Tokyo. The Tokyo Psychiatry Clinic can provide the full range of psychiatric services in English and Japanese for patients, including the prescription of antidepressant and other medications, cognitive therapy for panic, depression, anxiety and other conditions, counseling, lifestyle advice and relaxation therapy. The clinic can also provide prescriptions for psychotherapy if necessary for insurers. Although there are many Japanese psychiatry clinics in Tokyo, and some Japanese psychiatrists speak English and have trained or worked abroad, up until now there has not been a foreign, native English-speaking psychiatrist in Tokyo licensed to provide psychiatric medical services and psychiatric medication for the foreign community in Japan. If you would like a English psychiatric assessment or consultation, or are interested in the psychiatric services available at the Tokyo Psychiatry Clinic at American Clinic, please give us a call or drop us an email. All our staff are bilingual and we are looking forward to hearing from you!