There were a few articles of interest that I came across this week on PTSD. THe first was a study by Deng et al looking at PTSD in patients with adult congenital heart disease. They found very high rates of PTSD (11-20%) among this patient group at a tertiary referral centre, and also point out […]

Mindfulness, anxiety, depression and cancer

This study by Zhang et al was flagged up by Medscape. This was an interesting meta-analysis as though the abstract reads as positive in some ways, actually the most important measures showed little effect. This study seems to suggest that not all types of mindfulness are effective for long-term symptom remission.

Anxiety, depression and the workplace

Prins et al had a paper in Sociology of Health and Illness (available here exploring the relationship between what they call `contradictory class location` and mental health – mainly anxiety and depressive disorders. The data for the research was taken from a national survey. Fundamentally, what they show is that, depending on how you measure […]

Counseling for Depression in Oncology services

A number of very high profile publications originating from collaboration between Oxford and other UK groups  in Lancet journals from 2008-2014, the SMaRT Oncology studies, are having a significant impact on how the importance of counseling and a collaborative care approach is seen in cancer services. It seems combining collaborative care and counseling for depression […]