There were a few articles of interest that I came across this week on PTSD.

THe first was a study by Deng et al looking at PTSD in patients with adult congenital heart disease. They found very high rates of PTSD (11-20%) among this patient group at a tertiary referral centre, and also point out that some studies suggest PTSD is associated with poor outcomes in cardiac patients.

A Harvard Review of Psychiatry just published and available here gives an overview of the inadequate resources available for civilians with PTSD. With estimates of a 5.7% lifetime prevalence in US and annual direct costs just shy of 20,000USD per sufferer, this is also a public health issue. An editorial in Molecular Psychiatry just published and available here maybe unsurprisingly suggests rates of PTSD are much higher than background US rates among refugees arriving in Germany.

Patients with PTSD have high rates of comorbidity for other mental health conditions such as depression. Treatment can be psychological or pharmacological.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence in UK (NICE) has old guidance on PTSD (available here) and I note a decision was made in September to update this guidance. It will be interesting to see what NICE recommend.