On October 11th, our Director of Psychological Services will be running a seminar for SHIFT, a series for parents of children and teens, hosted by Tokyo International Progressive School!

Tokyo Mental Health SHIFT poster that says "outreach program for parents: Admission free: Shift 2019-2020: Shaping habits for improvement Fridays for Teens"

Dear Parents,

Tokyo International Progressive School is very proud to host the SHIFT outreach program for parents who feel challenged to cope with typical developmental issues in their families. Our lives are the sum of our habits, and shaping those habits into productive ones at a young age can change the direction we take.

We at TIPS recognize that young people mature at different rates. Learning challenges in children and teens do not end on the bus ride home, but can affect every aspect of a child’s life. Become more informed by professionals on how we as parents can shape the habits of young people for the better. Seminars are scheduled four times this academic year with various - but connected - themes. Each seminar will be presented by a selected professional actively working with international families in Tokyo. This is an exceptional opportunity for parents who would appreciate tips in parenting teenagers and younger children. We look forward to seeing you at SHIFT presentations. Lyn Sato Principal Tokyo International Progressive School

Lyn Sato
Principal, Tokyo International Progressive School

Visit the Tokyo International Progressive School website for more details.

We hope to see you there!