Are you struggling to access social support during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Tokyo Mental Health will be running a weekly 4 part support group session specially designed for those feeling in need of warm and understanding peer support – which can be difficult to get during times of strict quarantine measures and social distancing.

The group sessions will cover a range of topics to collaboratively talk about ways of managing stress and maintaining good mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our therapists will share evidence-based and essential skills for coping, such as mindfulness, boundaries, communication, and much more.

More importantly, these group sessions will help you discuss the problems related to the pandemic you may be experiencing with peers who may be going through similar issues in a confidential safe space, with support from our internationally licensed and experienced counselors.

The sessions will all be online so that you can access support without the need of leaving the comfort of your home.

Contact us at [email protected] to book your spot today!