Tokyo Mental Health providers Kyoko Murata and Ryota Sakurai recently made two presentations, promoting TMH’s Employee Assistance Program to companies in the Tokyo area. Keep reading to learn more about their experiences!


 In October, we went to Tokyo American Club to do a three-hour presentation in front of about 15 HR people from multiple companies. The main topic was mental health at work. We went over: what mental health is about, stats on mental health in Japan, depression, anxiety, alcohol-related problems, power harassment, how to have healthy communication at work, and what managers need to know about mental health at work. The presentation was mostly done in a lecture style, but we also did some exercises where the participants work in groups and discuss solutions for possible problems at work. The participants seemed engaged during the presentation. A few of them asked us questions individually during the break and after the presentation.

In November, we went to Universal Music Japan to do another presentation. We did an hour long presentation twice. It was a part of the health awareness event in the company. Each one had about 10-15 people. This time, we were asked to focus on stress management. Therefore, after lecturing on mental health in Japan, depression, anxiety, and such, we provided instructions for how to do mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation. The participants seemed interested in the topics and asked a lot of questions.



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