TMH is happy to announce that as we begin a new chapter in our new office in Shintomi, we will also be expanding our clinical team. Starting in July, we will be joined by our new director of psychological services, Michael Nevans. Michael is a classically trained couples and family therapist in the state of California. He practices individual, couples, and family therapy. He utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, Imago therapy, and Bowen Family Systems therapy as his core framework in treating couples. Michael also specializes in the treatment of alcohol and other drug related problems. He has provided preventative and interventive services for people struggling with alcohol and other issues for the last seven years.

Over the last three years, Michael directed and managed various mental health and chemical dependency programs. Most recently, he was the director of TELL Counseling Center. There, he led a multidisciplinary team of 25 providers, grew the reach of TELL, and opened a new therapy center in Okinawa. At TMH, Michael will expand the number of providers and services provided. He will also be a part of the Psynary promotional team that will help deliver high quality, easily accessible, and effective mental health services across Japan.

In all he does, Michael is an advocate for high quality client care. Having had family members that suffered from mental health issues throughout his life, he knows the importance of effective and efficient treatment. As Michael says to his clients, “Often, the hardest part of starting the journey is taking the first step in asking for help. It is the hardest because it is the one you do alone. Now that you have asked for help, you are not alone. We are here with you. We will be with you every step of the way as you continue forward on your path to wellness.”

Michael is available Tuesday through Saturday to work with you and your loved ones at our new offices in Shintomicho or via Skype/Telemedicine.