Tokyo Mental Health would like to welcome Haruko Hoshino, a graduate student at St. Luke’s International University.

Haruko will be requesting participants for her study on depression in expatriate populations in Japan.

Read on to learn more about Haruko and her research.

Haruko Hoshino

Here’s a little introduction from Haruko herself!

“I’m Haruko Hoshino, a Graduate student of Public Health in St. Luke’s International University. Since I was younger, I had plenty of exposure to the international community and have attended International school. My interest in people with different backgrounds has always contributed to my decisions about my career. As a nurse, I have also met foreign patients who always needed extra help, not just with language but also with understanding the system.

Moving to another country with a different language and not enough social support can be difficult.

Seeking psychiatric help is another difficulty that foreigners face as they migrate to Japan. So, I am conducting a study at TMH through which I would like to understand better what factors may be contributing to development of depression in expatriates seeking counseling in Japan, and the effect of migration on their mental health.

I would like to invite you to participate by answering a 5 minute web-based questionnaire. Your participation will contribute to developing a better psychiatry service in the future.

For any questions you may have, please contact me anytime.”

Haruko’s contact details:

Haruko Hoshino

Graduate School of Public Health
St. Luke International University

[email protected]