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We are proud to be able to provide services for US service personnel through TRICARE Prime. As an approved provider with TRICARE, direct billing means that once referred by your base medical treatment facility (MTF), we can offer treatment and support for you and your family, without you having to cover the cost of treatment or having to submit claims for services retrospectively. If you or your family would benefit from a comprehensive psychological evaluation, psychological therapy or counseling, please speak to your MTF regarding a referral to us, in Tokyo or in Okinawa.

TRICARE Services at TMH

Service Overview

TRICARE is the health program for mainly US military personnel. The TRICARE program covers these personnel both in the US and overseas. For the eligibility for TRICARE please refer to https://www.tricare.mil/Plans/Eligibility

TMH is approved by TRICARE to provide mental health services all over Japan. If you are looking for counseling or psychological evaluation in Okinawa, the Tokyo area, or via telehealth then we can help.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any psychiatry or medical services. For these, please refer to your MTF.

TMH Shintomi office green room

Available Locations


Tokyo Mental Health Shintomi Therapy Office
American Clinic Tokyo


Online or telephone services available


TMH Okinawa Mihama Therapy Office

Our Counselors and Psychologists
(TRICARE Services)

Getting Started / Contact Us

If you are interested in pursuing a psychological assessment or starting therapy sessions with TMH, please contact your MTF or TRICARE manager and request a referral. If you would like us to walk you through the process, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help. 

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