TMH Welcomes Poorna Toprani

Tokyo Mental Health is delighted to welcome Poorna Toprani, M.A., a new addition to our growing international team of therapists. Poorna holds a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from the University of Hertfordshire, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is a registered professional with the Health and […]

Tokyo Mental Health 2022 Client Feedback Survey

At Tokyo Mental Health, we prioritize the well-being of our clients, constantly seeking ways to improve our services and meet their needs. In 2022, we continued to conduct an anonymous client feedback survey to gain valuable insights into clients’ experiences and understand their satisfaction with TMH. Out of the 538 surveys we sent out, we […]

Body Oriented Therapy: Valuing the Body and Bodily Experiences in Therapy

Author: Udeni Appuhamilage, Ph.D, TMH Psychologist  Embodied cognitions and emotions are familiar to us; we all talk about ‘hunger for success,’ ‘anger that burns the heart,’ ‘a sadness that is hanging over’ or ‘a problem that is eating away at us.’ In a therapeutic setting, these sayings are regarded as metaphorical and as serving to […]

TMH Welcomes Candace Coleman

Tokyo Mental Health is delighted to welcome Dr. Candace Coleman, MD MPH, a new addition to our growing international team of therapists. Dr. Coleman began her career as a medical doctor with experience in therapy, and is pleased to be focusing solely on offering counseling at TMH. Through her own experiences, her work with people from […]

What makes therapy successful?

Author: Adam Bates, TMH PsychologistThis blog post will review some of the factors which research suggests can contribute to successful outcomes in therapy. Whether you are considering beginning therapy or already engaged in the process, this post should help you become a more discerning consumer of therapeutic services and provide you with several important topics […]

2023 TRICARE Prime Customer Service Feedback Survey

We have been running our TRICARE Prime customer service feedback survey since May 2021. We have sent out a total of 413 surveys and received a total of 91 responses (accurate as of January 2023) with a response rate of 22%. We send out the survey once a month to all our TRICARE Prime clients […]

TMH Welcomes Abbey-Robin Durkin

Tokyo Mental Health is delighted to welcome Dr. Abbey-Robin Durkin, a new addition to our growing international team of therapists.  Dr. Abbey-Robin Durkin is a clinical psychologist originally from the United States, obtaining her license from Nevada (2008). Her life’s work is dedicated to supporting those seeking ways to translate significant stressful live events into […]

TMH Welcomes Adam Bates

Tokyo Mental Health is delighted to welcome Dr. Adam Bates, a new addition to our growing international team of therapists. Adam received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles campus. Adam has experience working with clients from a great diversity of cultural backgrounds experiencing a wide range of presenting […]

4 Common Misconceptions About Setting Boundaries

Imagine you have a friend who routinely cancels at the last minute, or doesn’t follow through on plans to meet up. Or perhaps you have a romantic partner who you love, but doesn’t always give you the time you need for friends or hobbies. Maybe you have a coworker who you go out with after […]

Gogatsubyou (五月病): Understanding Post-Golden Week “May Disease”

Feeling down, stressed, or demotivated after Golden Week? You are not alone. Also known as “May disease” or the “May Blues,” gogatsubyou (五月病) describes a common phenomenon in Japan where feelings of fatigue, demotivation, and anxiety increase following the Golden Week period in May. Although gogatsubyou is not an official medical term, it describes a […]