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Adolescent and Family Services

We are happy to provide comprehensive counseling, psychotherapy and psychology services for teens (13 and older) and families. Our growing team of counselors and psychologists can work with parents and children to address concerns around mental health, behavior and childhood development. We aim to provide you with guidance on how to support your child.

** NOTE: We are currently not accepting children who are 12 years old or younger. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Service Overview

We offer services to help support children and young people (currently 13 years old and above) who are struggling in the home or school environments. We take a systemic approach which means that we believe children are part of a system (including family, schools and social life). We believe there are many factors, including their environment, that contribute to their wellbeing and we actively work with children and their caregivers to address how we can improve the environment around the child to better support them.

All of our staff have received professional training in English-speaking countries and hold related qualifications.

Common Concerns for Children and Adolescents:

Two children engaging in family therapy and art therapy

Recommended Service Routes

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One option would be for your child to see a counselor for individual therapy sessions. Depending on the age and development of your child, the therapist can work usefully with the young person and provide them with skills for support. However, parents would still be asked to be involved in the process. This would entail occasional but regular meetings between the parent(s) and the therapist.

For younger children (3-12 yrs), we would most likely recommend a combination of play therapy with the child, or behavioural approaches working mostly with parents. Both the child and parent(s) involvement would be important and your therapist can give you more details on how they work and what that could look like for your family. 

** NOTE: We are currently not accepting children whoa re 12 years old or younger. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

For adolescents (13-18 yrs), traditional talk therapy could be more appropriate, though we would still recommend parental involvement and a systems-focused approach until late teens. Please note that these age ranges are tentative as there can be differences in development versus biological age. Depending on your family’s needs, we can assist you in deciding what approach may be suitable.

Another option would be for the parent(s) to attend therapy. The therapist can work with the parent(s) on how to address behaviours and can support the parent(s) with their own concerns. This process would most likely involve developing new strategies, training and behavioural interventions. Depending on the age of the child, it is often more appropriate to work with the parent(s) than to work with the child directly. If you are unsure if this is the best option for you, feel free to consult with us based on your child’s needs.

Both the child and the parent(s) have separate therapy sessions to address concerns. In some cases, the therapist for the child and the therapist for the parent(s) would be different but would work as a team to best support your family. Alternatively, in some situations the same therapist might work with both the child and the parent(s) and the sessions would be arranged by your therapist in an appropriate ratio depending on your needs.

Family therapy sessions are another option that we offer at TMH. The therapist would work with the parent(s) and child together in longer, typically 80 minute sessions. If it is appropriate for your family, the therapist may suggest having additional individual sessions with you or your child from time to time. Family sessions can help facilitate communication in the moment and support families to have conversations that feel difficult to address without help.

Psychological Assessments are best suited for families who are concerned about their child’s behaviour and development. Specifically, we are able to do assessments for ADHD and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). We can assess children above 5 years of age for autism spectrum disorders and 7 years of age for ADHD at Tokyo Mental Health. If your child is below 5 or 7 years respectively, we would recommend starting with therapeutic work with either the child and parents together, or just the parents with the focus on support around your child’s behaviour and development, which would involve psychoeducation and support around your child’s behavioural and developmental concerns.

If your child has already been evaluated by a psychologist before, and you would like to start therapy, please share the report with us. We would be happy to continue and develop the treatment plan working with both you and your family.

In some cases it might be necessary for your child to receive psychiatric assessment and care. This would usually be in order to consider pharmacotherapy of some type. Guidance for psychiatrists recommends trying counseling and psychological treatment for most mental health issues in childhood initially, often for several months, only proceeding to psychotropic medication in cases where problems fail to respond to non-pharmacological interventions sufficiently. Additionally, the younger the child, the more important it would be for the child to have a full psychology evaluation before moving onto psychopharmacological treatments to make sure no important aspects of the case, particularly neurodevelopmental aspects, have been overlooked. 

If you think your child might need psychiatric care, please ask your counselor or psychologist and they can refer you  where necessary to our director, Dr Andrew Kissane, who holds a psychiatry clinic at American Clinic Tokyo.

Is your child in Japan, maybe in education here, but as parents you are in your home country? We can offer psychological support and counseling, face to face or via telehealth, for adolescents who are struggling with their mental health while away from home, family and friends.

If your child approaches us directly, depending on their age and Japanese law, we may need to contact you for your consent for treatment as the parent. 

If your family is here with the US military and you have TRICARE, we are happy to help. Please see our TRICARE page.

Available Locations


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TMH Okinawa Mihama Therapy Office

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Contact Us

If you are not sure where to start but your child is experiencing difficulty in any aspect of their life, be it social, emotional, behavioral, attentional, or in interactions with family members, please feel free to contact us through the options below to see what kind of service at TMH will work for you and your family.

If you know what service you want, please contact us through the specific service pages:

If you don’t know what service you want, use the general contact form or give us a call (English only).

Our Policies on Working with Children and Families

We ask for 24 hours notice for cancellations.

You would be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and for missed appointments.

It is better to attend an appointment late than not at all.

Please let your counselor know if you will be late for your appointment. They would be happy to see you for the remaining time available.

If you cannot attend an appointment, please consider keeping the appointment via telehealth.

To avoid late cancellation or non-attendance fees, please be sure to cancel any appointments more than 24 hours in advance, or attend the appointment via telehealth from home.

You can attend in place of your child to avoid cancellation fees.

For occasions where children refuse to attend the appointment in person or via telehealth, the therapist can usefully work with one or both parents. Therefore, please be sure to keep such appointments and avoid cancellation fees.

We ask that children under 18 be accompanied by an adult for the first appointment. However, once they have had their first session with us, if your child is 15 or older, depending on your child’s needs, we would ask that you confirm with your therapist what is best. 

Whether you can leave your child unattended at our office will also depend on the length of their appointment. Generally, we would ask you to stay within 10 minutes walking distance of the facilities in case of unexpected events. Your therapist will need your mobile phone number should they need to contact you. We will need you to return to the office to collect your child before the appointment finishes. If you do not return before the end of the appointment, this may prevent us from offering further appointments for your child.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate your cooperation in keeping waiting in our reception area to a minimum. While we may have to ask a parent or guardian to be present in the reception area during a consultation for a child, we cannot provide a COVID-safe environment for you to wait if you attend with other family members. Please keep waiting family members in reception to just one person.