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Child, Adolescent and Family Services

For 2021 we are launching a new, comprehensive, psychology service for children and families. Our growing team of psychologists and counselors can work with your child, assess problems with achievement, learning, attention, or autism spectrum features, and provide you both guidance and recommendations on how to support your child.

Our therapists and counselors can then assist your child in attaining their potential.

Service Overview

We offer services to help and support children and young people who are struggling in the home or school environment due to difficulties with behavior, attention, social communication, emotional regulation or academic competence. We work with children and adolescents, and their caregivers, to maximize results.

All of our staff have received professional training in English-speaking countries and hold related qualifications.

Two children engaging in family therapy and art therapy

Available Locations


Tokyo Mental Health Shintomi Therapy Office
American Clinic Tokyo


Online or telephone services available


TMH Okinawa Mihama Therapy Office

Our Counselors and Psychologists
(Child, Adolescent and Family Services)

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Effective treatment starts with accurate assessment. If you are not sure where to start but your child is experiencing extreme difficulty in any aspect of their life, be it social, emotional, behavioral, attentional, or in interactions with family members, please feel free to contact us through the options below to see what kind of assessment at TMH will work for you and your family.

We conduct comprehensive assessments to ensure the appropriateness of recommended interventions and treatment, and can guide you on the following steps to best help your child in their recovery. Alternatively, if your child has already been evaluated by a psychologist before, and you would like to start therapy, we would be happy to continue the treatment plan working with you and your family. 

Tokyo Mental Health Shintomi Therapy Office Counseling Room

If you know what service you want, please contact us through the specific service pages:

If you don’t know what service you want, use the general contact form or give us a call.